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by LaZemaTour

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released February 1, 2012




LaZemaTour Brattleboro, Vermont

We are a two-piece band from Brattleboro, VT. Amee plays the guitar and sings and Ben plays the drums.

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Track Name: The Process
When I was humble, before I was King
they made a plan to lay to waste
the soul of a boy in me

When I was new, they measured up the dent
that this fresh face might impress upon the process

And then their plastics were replaced with metals,
and their science was good
Now only guns and rhetoric can,
can do what flesh once could, I said

Hey! What's on the edge
of the violence in your head?

They said you were their dark horse, that you'd
fold just like a deck
But all their loaded metaphors for you
were speculation
Track Name: No Song In My Head
There's no song in my head today,
no claw to my pounce, no bounce to my step,
no song in my head

There's no thrill to my kill today,
no fire in my grill, no drug to my pill, just empty capsules I've got to fill
Well, then, there's no way out

If I could wet my lips on your wine, I would water all the desert behind those eyes
Well, then, there's one way out
Track Name: Interlude (From A Desert)
Just how come, after the spark
Nothing but laughter, no remark
And I take it in, just to call you out
With all your doubt, with all this doubt
And I cannot imagine living a year
Without such summers of the mind, with something new to fear
Track Name: The Big Replacement
You were, but I am
After the morning flood, after noon was done
I just waited for your midnight to come

October leaves, August breeze
Winter told me your season has come

Terror over-drove your wires, live were hazards
Beware the fire

You were the King of a nation to yourself, and
I was the Springtime of every single year to come
Track Name: Chemistry Of Mettle
That was not the end of my story - an interlude at best

Through the fire we were forged, and we became more solid than gold
In times of crisis I may have been known to say lay, but I never could, suffice it to say
Where Hell meets waters they may wait with bells on, but
I falter just short of that bay
With such heads over such feet, with these our hearts of gold never could we blink
Track Name: New Number 2
I've got your coffee, got your sugar, too
The one thing I never got is why I'm here with you
I've been working centuries long to leave no mark or scuff
I could only hope I spoke softly enough
But it made me scream, "I don't want to work for you anymore"

I'm gonna leave a trail
An Equator wide
You'll be riding my coattails
Until I brush you aside